RC 37 wireless microphone capsule side view.
RC. 37 microphone capsule being cupped
RC 37 wireless microphone capsule front view.
  • Dynamic wireless capsule
  • Superior, articulate sound
  • Unmatched clarity when cupped
  • Perfect for professional vocalists in all genres
  • Compatible with multiple wireless systems
  • $249, expected Spring 2024

Heil Sound Introduces RC 37

Capitalizing on the recent introduction of the live sound reinforcement PR 37 handheld vocal microphone, Heil Sound is pleased to introduce the RC 37 wireless microphone capsule, designed as a screw-on replacement for use on many popular wireless handheld transmitters.

“We have had tremendous success with the PR 37 and just as customers loved the RC 35 wireless capsule version of our PR 35, the demand for a capsule version of the PR 37 to fit wireless systems was huge,” said Ash Levitt, CEO for Heil Sound. “We took early versions of the RC 37 to our friends at the Pageant in St Louis for evaluation and everyone was completely blown away by its clarity. We believe we have another winner, and we are very excited to bring this to the live sound market.” Randy Noldge, front-of-house for the Pageant adds, “Comparing the Heil RC 37 to the industry-standard wireless capsule was like night and day. I’ve never heard a mic that was so clear when cupped.”

The RC 37 has sonic similarities to its wired PR 37 counterpart and features smooth low-mids and an enhanced upper midrange presence that allows vocals of all kinds to effortlessly shine through. The RC 37 provides superior rear noise rejection, making it perfect for live applications, particularly in situations with high stage volume. The large-diameter dynamic element of the RC 37 is housed in a stable mounting system that is designed to reduce handling noise and accommodate less-then-ideal methods of holding the microphone. The RC 37 breathes new life into existing wireless set-ups making it the quintessential workhorse mic capsule for live use, while still providing superior sound quality that is characteristic of Heil microphones.

The Heil Sound RC 37 is expected to launch in Spring of 2024 and have a retail price of $249.00 USD.

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