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The Heil PR 30 is a professional-quality dynamic microphone with a natural, clear response and midrange presence that excels across multiple applications. It is perfect for capturing vocals of all kinds, from podcasting and voiceover to singing, whether at home or in a studio. The PR 30 also beautifully captures instruments including guitar amplifier cabinets, drums, and acoustic instruments. 

This product is transitioning to new packaging. See specs tab for current product packaging. Stock shipped directly from Heil Sound will use the current packaging as stated. Please be aware that dealers may have old or mixed stock. Please confirm with dealers which stock you will receive prior to purchasing.


The Heil PR 30 is ideal for reinforcing mid-range focused instruments with high SPL such as guitar cabinets and drums. Live sound engineers frequently use the PR 30 for drum overhead applications due to their condenser-quality sound without the problems of stage noise and bleed. The PR 30 is also excellent at powerfully preserving the nuances of acoustic instruments from guitar to wind instruments.
The Heil PR 30 delivers a natural, modern dynamic sound for all podcast applications. The tailored, mid-range presence of the PR 30 is ideal for female voices and for any podcaster looking for a clear, articulate sound without the traditional, boomy low end. The PR 30 features excellent rear noise rejection, making it perfect for recording at home or in spaces with no sound isolation. The PR 30 will instantly improve your podcast sound, and does not require an external pre-amp or additional processing.
The Heil PR 30 provides excellent and natural sound quality and reinforcement for recording applications from voiceover to music. Whether at home or in a studio, the PR 30 features excellent rear noise rejection, delivering condenser-quality sound without unwanted ambient noise or bleed from other sound sources. The PR 30 excels at capturing high SPL, mid-range focused instruments including guitar cabinets and drums, and has been used by studio engineers to record Grammy-winning artists.
The Heil PR 30 is an excellent choice for broadcasters looking to upgrade their sound. The natural, mid-range presence of the PR 30 produces a modern broadcast sound that is clear and articulate without the need for additional signal processing. The PR 30 is ideal for female voices and for any broadcaster looking for a powerful sound without the traditional, boomy low end. Stations and engineers count on the PR 30 to reliably deliver pristine sound quality across a diverse range of talent and guests.
PR 30: Current packaging -- Greyscale box with foam insert; includes mic clip.
PR 30 B: New current packaging -- Black and white box with retention insert; includes mic clip and padded zipper bag.
PR 30 B: (Old packaging -- Greyscale box with foam insert; includes mic clip.)
Output Connection: 3 pin XLR
Element Type: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 18 kHz
Polar Pattern: Super Cardioid
Rear Rejection @ 180 degrees off axis: -40 dB
Impedance: 370 ohms balanced
Output Level: -51 dB @ 1 kHz
Weight: 9 oz
Max SPL: 146 dB


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