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The Heil HH-1 is designed to mount the Heil PR 28 microphone to toms and drums. The HH-1 securely clamps on to standard metal-hooped drums. Fully adjustable, the HH-1 allows drummers, techs, and engineers to perfectly position the microphone in tight spaces for live sound reinforcement and studio recording, eliminating the clutter of additional mic booms.

Accepts 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-27 standard mic threads

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    Billy Triplett, FOH (Live Sound Engineer) – “I’ve Gone to Heil ’cause I Shure am done!”

    Kurt Ballou (Producer) – “I don’t use Heil’s exclusively, but they do get used regularly, particularly the PR30’s. When I’m using them, I typically use PR30’s for snare, toms, electric guitar, and bass guitar, PR40’s for bass drum, bass guitar, and male vocals, PR20’s for hand head vocals or snare drum, and the Handi-Mic for harmonica or for mic-ing up headphones for the “lo-fi” effect. I’m so glad Heil has put out this new line of mics. With the fast-paced aggressive music I record, it’s great to have a microphone which combines the urgency of a dynamic, with the speed, clarity, and detail of a condensor. The PR30, in particular, has made my year!”
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    Performing Musician (Review) – “When it comes to creating a tight cardioid pattern, Heil’s background in communication microphones is invaluable and they’ve applied this expertise to the PR 22 to optimise rear rejection, which in turn minimises spill from monitors and allows more level “
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    Kathy Coppola from Circle Takes the Square (Artist) – “I’m using the Heil PR 20 for live vocals. Its the ideal mic for my voice, and our music. Our stage volume is usually pretty loud, and these mics give us a lot of gain without feeding back.”
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    ISIS (Artist) – “We were first exposed to Heil microphones when we were touring with Tool. They were really excited about them and were kind enough to let us try them. We were immediately impressed! We’ve been a band for ten years now and tried just about every micing situation possible. I’ve NEVER heard a better sounding microphone on my drums! The PR20 is the absolute best snare and rack tom microphone and the PR30 kills on the floor tom. We also use the PR20 on vocals, PR30’s on guitar and PR40 on bass. As a band who feels very passionately about what we do, we take great pride in working with Heil because it’s obvious they feel the same way that we do.”
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    Seth Stevenson Program Director, WMTC – Mountain Gospel Radio (Review) – “We have been using the PR 40s in our live and production studios Today, a crew was using air hammers to drill into our concrete building. Of course it was quite noisy. The PR 40 did wonders rejecting all that background noise. It hardly picked up a ripple on the screen.”
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