Great podcast sound starts at the microphone. Heil Sound makes quality and industry-leading dynamic microphones that will elevate your podcast to the next level. Heil microphones deliver articulate, professional-quality sound without the need for a preamp or additional processing. The Heil PR 40 and PR 30 microphones both feature large-diameter elements that provide wide-range frequency responses and warm, natural sound. Both microphones are designed to have excellent noise rejection making them perfect for recording at home and in a studio. Find your true podcasting voice with Heil Sound microphones.

Wanting to learn more about how to find and utilize the perfect mic for podcasting? Michelle Levitt, our Creative Marketing Director, walks you through the types of microphones (dynamic and condenser), sound treatment (what you really need), element placement in the mic body, polar patterns, rear rejection, frequency responses, equalization, gain, microphone connections, and good mic technique in this video.

Pat Flynn has depended on his Heil PR40 to record over 400 episodes of his podcast “Smart Passive Income” with more than 60 million downloads.

“I’ve been using a Heil PR 40 since 2010, and I absolutely love it! I often tell people it makes me sound better than I do in real life. It makes it easy to cut out background noise (which is helpful when you have kids running around the house). Plus when I go live on video, it sounds AND looks great at the same time.” -Pat Flynn

Traditional broadcast sound.
Warm, smooth response, with low-end presence.

Dave Hines relies on his Heil PR30 in and out of the studio as broadcast talent for iHeart Radio and voiceover work.

Modern dynamic sound. Natural, clear response, with midrange presence.

The Heil PL 2T is an internal tension mount boom arm that can be silently moved while recording. The PL 2T also features a covered cable channel that eliminates loose, dangling cables and the need for velcro straps.

The Heil PRSM is a professional shock mount that perfectly suspends Heil microphones and eliminates contact noise while recording.


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