MIC BASICS: How To Make Your Voice Sound Amazing!

We truly hope that you have enjoyed this special live session with Libsyn.

Click here to download the slides that you saw in the Libsyn presentation, including the printable EQ guide.

Purchasing the right microphone is critical for enhancing your sound. Mic features have industry-related jargon and may seem intimidating to new buyers. That’s why we made a more thorough guide presented here: Heil Sound’s Microphones 101. This video features all the information you need to understand your mic. Our tutorial walks you through the following:

  • Mic types (dynamic and condenser) 
  • Sound treatment
  • Element placement
  • Frequency response
  • Sound levels vs. gain
  • And more!

Check out our video and become more confident with your mic today!

About Heil Sound

Heil Sound is a modern microphone company that’s helped audio professionals enhance their sound for over 50 years. Our mics are trusted worldwide by Grammy-winning artists, professional podcasters, and audio engineers because they deliver clear sound and excellent rear noise rejection in any environment. We’re passionate about providing the most reliable sound possible and work hard to meet the needs of the industry.