About Our Warranty

Our company founder, Bob Heil believes that “it all starts at the microphone.” Well, what happens if, on a rare occasion, the microphone…”stops?” At Heil Sound we are just as passionate about service, after-sale care, and warranty as we are about selling you new products*. Here, in a nutshell, is our warranty information:

Heil Sound, Ltd. warrants all microphones to the original purchaser for a period of three years (parts) and ninety days (labor) from the date of purchase. Accessories and headphones have a one-year/ninety day warranty. Proof of purchase is required.

This warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage. Heil Sound, Ltd. is not responsible for loss, damage or expenses that arise from the use or the inability to use this product.

* Cool Story...(and you thought this was going to be a bunch of fine print…)
In the early days of Heil Sound, the company built, among other products, a line of rack mounted, professional power amplifiers. Each amp that was shipped had a quarter (25 cents!) taped in the top of the case. This was to be used to call the factory that then arranged for Greyhound bus service back to the factory for repair.