PR 20


The Basics

The HEIL PR 20 microphone is a new breed of dynamic microphone with many benefits over other microphones in its price range. The PR 20 will do a superior job at exactly capturing the sound from vocals, guitar, snare drums, cymbals, piano and more. Sound professionals, broadcasters, and musicians of all genres rely on the PR 20 microphone because it faithfully upholds the sound it takes in, and is built to last.

The PR 20 has a large diaphragm providing a wide frequency range, with excellent upper mids. The PR 20 does a great job of rejecting side & rear noise (minimizing feedback), and it is tough enough to withstand real-world usage. These attributes make the entire PR & RC series not only great rock music microphones, but they are also great for country, metal, jazz, funk, blues, rap, and opera, for that matter. All Heil microphones are hand assembled and quality tested in the USA at Heil’s headquarters in Fairview Heights, IL.

With the PR 20, you get three interchangeable acoustically identical mesh screens (Silver, Black and Gold), along with additional black acoustical foam wind screen, padded carrying case, and a mic clip.

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Spec Sheet
PR 20
Output Connection
3 pin XLR
Element Type
Frequency Response
50 Hz - 18 kHz
Polar Pattern
Rear Rejection @ 180 degrees off axis
-30 dB
600 ohms balanced
Output Level
-55 dB @ 1 kHz
14 oz



Barry Rudolph (Review) - "This "working-man's hero" has the same wide frequency range, low handling noise and the ability to handle +140 dB SPL--you can mic the quietest singer to the loudest snare drum played with baseball bats."
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Janet Marlow (Artist) - "I use the Heil PR 20 for all my live vocal performances! The clarity and capacity of the Heil PR 20 gives me the comfort to vocally travel the range of dynamics to tell the story of a song."
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The Twins (Artist) - "The PR20s are without a doubt the best microphones we have ever used!"
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Dona Oxford (Artist) - "I use my White Pearl with the gold screen FAITHFULLY!!! I love it!! I will never use another mic ever again. I just love how it brings out my mid range!!"
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Kathy Coppola from Circle Takes the Square (Artist) - "I'm using the Heil PR 20 for live vocals. Its the ideal mic for my voice, and our music. Our stage volume is usually pretty loud, and these mics give us a lot of gain without feeding back."
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Billy Joe Shaver (Artist) - "After 30 years of using the same microphone. Now I only use my PR 20."
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Connecting Cables
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HB-1 Boom
From standard mic stand duty, to sophisticated shock mounted articulating boom choirs, the HB-1, PL2T, and SB-2 Booms all accept standard 5/8" -27 threaded microphone hardware and offer unlimited positioning.
The CB-1 PTT is a heavy, base stand with a built-in push-to-talk (PTT) button & remote cable. Standard 5/8" - 27 threading ensures flawless use with industry standards mics.
A stylish way to protect your Heil gear.
Hand Switch
Ergonomic push to talk to switch
Foot operated push to talk switches
Shock Mounts
Heil shock mounts provide ultimate shock protection for the PR 20, PR 22 and similar body sizes  (SM-1), and for the PR 30, PR 40 and similar body sizes (PRSM).
Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
Whether you sing, play an instrument, or just want to support the efforts of those who do, you’ll look cool wearing a T-shirt baring the logo of the world’s finest microphones.
Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
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