The Basics

    The newly designed HMM brings new technology to the hand microphone. No question when you place a microphone element inside a clam shell. The result is a hollow muffled sound but Amateur Radio operators have lived with it for decades.

    To solve this problem, we installed a grill on the top of the microphone that detunes the internal resonance of the housing. We came up with a very special full range microphone element with great speech articulation.

    The result is a phenomenal hand microphone. A very flexible but sturdy coil cable terminates as all of our headsets with 1/8” male for the microphone and a ¼” male for the PTT control.

    This definitely raises the bar for all hand microphones. The new Heil HMM.


    Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
    Spec Sheet
    Generating Element
    Dynamic iC
    iC Electret
    Output Connection
    Mic: 1/8" Mono, PTT: 1/4" Male
    Mic: 1/8" Mono, PTT: 1/4" Male
    Frequency Response
    80 Hz - 15 kHz
    35 Hz - 12 kHz
    10dB @ 2 kHz
    -52 dB @ 1,000 Khz
    Polar Pattern
    600 Ohms Unbalanced
    600 Ohms Unbalanced
    6.5 oz
    6.5 oz


    Headset Adapters
    Text here...
    HB-1 Boom
    From standard mic stand duty, to sophisticated shock mounted articulating boom choirs, the HB-1, PL2T, and SB-2 Booms all accept standard 5/8" -27 threaded microphone hardware and offer unlimited positioning.
    The CB-1 PTT is a heavy, base stand with a built-in push-to-talk (PTT) button & remote cable. Standard 5/8" - 27 threading ensures flawless use with industry standards mics.
    A stylish way to protect your Heil gear.
    Hand Switch
    Ergonomic push to talk to switch
    Foot operated push to talk switches
    Shock Mounts
    Heil shock mounts provide ultimate shock protection for the PR 20, PR 22 and similar body sizes (SM-1), and for the PR 30, PR 40 and similar body sizes (PRSM).
    Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
    Whether you sing, play an instrument, or just want to support the efforts of those who do, you’ll look cool wearing a T-shirt baring the logo of the world’s finest microphones.
    Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
    Ham Radio Handbook is a guide for Amateur Radio explaining antenna theory, construction tips to build your own gear and simple explanations of basic electronics. It is a ‘how to guide’ for setting up a station and much, much more.