Pro Set Media Pro

Pro Set Media Pro

The Basics

The Pro Set Media Pro is an award-winning communications headset designed for use with your personal computer.

Based on Heil Sound's popular Pro Set communications headset, the Pro Set Media Pro utilizes a high-level condenser microphone element designed specifically for the requirements of computer sound card inputs. The result is beautiful, broadcast-quality audio, with plug-and-play functionality.

The Pro Set Media Pro earphones are acoustically tuned, and they incorporate Heil Sound's exclusive phase reversal feature that creates a spatial widening effect that often makes incoming audio easier to understand. The earphone speakers in the Pro Set Series are 200 ohm devices, with a -3 dB point at 8000 Hz. This combination reduces a lot of the hiss found in receiver audio stages. 

The Heil Sound Pro Set Media Pro is terminated in two industry-standard 1/8" male plugs: the Red plug connects to the "Microphone" input jack on your sound card, while the Black plug connects to the sound card's audio output ("Headphone" or "Speaker" jack). The Media Pro comes to you with removable cotton ear pad covers that can be washed. The comfortable vinyl ear pads they cover can also be removed, should they even need to be replaced. Each Pro Set is equipped with a windscreen for the microphone. The windscreen does not affect the frequency response of the microphone, and it is highly effective in minimizing breath blasts while you are speaking.

For outstanding audio on your computer-based communications applications, choose the Heil Sound Pro Set Media Pro!

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