Pro Set

    This comfortable dual earmuff boomset is the choice of top DX and contest operators worldwide The Pro Set is available with the HC-6 or iC element.


    Pro Set Elite

    The Pro Set Elite is the ultimate boomset for active amateur radio operators, featuring extreme comfort, ruggedness, and excellent fidelity on both transmit and receive.

    Pro Set Media Pro

    Pro Set Media Pro

    The Media Pro is a high-quality boomset for computer use that has a condenser microphone element and a comfortable dual earmuff headset.

    Pro Set Micro Single

    Pro Micro Single Side

    The Pro Micro Single Side is a very unique high performance headset. It is outfitted with the HC-6 element.

    Pro Set Micro Dual

    Pro Micro Dual Side

    The Pro Micro Dual Side is a very unique high performance headset. It is outfitted with the HC-6 element.



    The BM-10 is a lightweight, dual sided headset ideal for DXpeditions, mobile, and general rag chewing use.





    The new HM-12 microphone is designed specifically for amateur radio communications. The high output full range ‘Genesis’ dynamic element is designed to work with just about every amateur radio low impedance transmitter.




    The newly designed HMM brings new technology to the hand microphone. No question when you place a microphone element inside a clam shell. The result is a hollow muffled sound but Amateur Radio operators have lived with it for decades.

    Gold Elite

    Gold Elite

    The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of communications.



    Available with the Heil Sound Vintage element.

    The Fin

    The Fin ®

    The Fin® is our take on a classic Turner mic, but updated with a great Heil dynamic element and 4 LEDs that create a very cool glow when plugged into phantom power. The Fin has been designed especially for live sound, recording and broadcast applications.


    Handi Mic

    The Handi Mic is a ultra-compact hand microphone that comes with either the iC or Pro element.



    The iCM microphone is perfect for early iCOM transceivers, many higher-gain "pro" radios and the iC-7800.

    PR 781

    PR 781PR 781G

    The PR 781 is a professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone that works well with the iC-7800 and other Elite transceivers. It is also available with a gold windscreen. 

    PR 40

    PR 40

    The PR 40, with its broad frequency response, is the ideal mic for bass drums and bass guitar. With its superb rear rejection the PR 40 is a must for broadcasters.

    PR 30

    PR 30

    The frequency response and articulation of the PR 30 is perfect for guitars and toms. This is also a great mic for broadcasters for all the same reasons.

    PR 30 B

    PR 30 B

    The Heil PR 30B microphone is identical to the PR 30, except the PR 30B mic has a beautiful matte black finish, with red mesh grills. Perfect for drums, cymbals, bass, guitar and vocals, and more.

    PR 20

    PR 20

    The PR 20 is the finest dynamic microphone for vocals, snare and cymbals. With its impeccable articulation the PR 20 makes a great hand mic for broadcasters.

    PR 20 UT

    PR 20 UT

    The HEIL PR 20 UT (Utility) is the award winning dynamic PR 20 microphone. To help reduce the cost we have pared down the packaging options.

    PR 22

    PR 22

    The PR 22 represents completely new dynamic microphone technology designed for a wide range of professional applications such as live sound, commercial broadcast, and sophisticated recording.

    PR 22 UT

    PR 22 UT

    The HEIL PR 22 UT (Utility) is the award winning dynamic PR 22 microphone. To help reduce the cost we have pared down the packaging options.

    PR 35

    PR 35

    The PR 35 has been designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications which require a smooth flat response over a wide frequency range.


    Pro Set 3

    Pro Set 3

    A professional headphone with exceptional articulation and clarity, beautiful sonic accuracy in a closed back, lightweight headset for monitoring in recording and broadcast studios, amateur radio stations, podcasting and computer outputs

    Shock Mounts



    The SM-1 is Heil Sound's professional suspended shock mounting system. This shock mount works with the PR 20, PR 22 and similar body sizes. Does not work with the PR 35.



    The PRSM is Heil Sound's professional suspended shock mounting system. This shock mount works with the PR 30, PR 40 and similar body styles.

    Booms and Hardware



    The HB-1 is a quiet, freely moving, balanced, articulated, all steel mic boom.



    The PL2T is Heil Sound's unique boom mount that's top pops off to allow quick and easy installation of your microphone. It is compatible with all Heil Sound's mounting hardware.



    The SB-2 is a small mic boom for smaller spaces. It is compatible with all Heil Sound's mounting hardware.



    Various Prices
    All hardware is fitted with a brass bushing that allows the boom to rotate 360 degrees.



    CB-1 PTT

    The CB-1 PTT is Heil Sound's beautiful classic style microphone base with a push to talk button built in.




    The Heil USBQ brings professional quality, low noise microphone pre amplification with two band shelving equalization, on-board headphone amplifier and D/A converter.



    For making connections to microphones and other devices around your station, Heil Sound's exclusive Heilwire is the best choice!

    8 Pin

    Stealth Connector (8 Pin)

    Not just another cheap mic connector, Heil Sound's "Stealth" 8-pin mic connectors are the answer to your interfacing questions!

    Gear bags

    Gear Bags

    Perfect for safely carrying your headsets



    Ergonomic push to talk to switch



    Foot operated push to talk to switch


    FS-3 Footswitch

    Single Channel Foot switch for controlling amateur radio transceiver.

    connecting cables

    Microphone Connecting Cables



    Headset Adapters



    Traveler Adapters







    Heil Bluetooth Adapter

    The HBA allows bluetooth connection between any 3 pin balanced XLR microphones and the receiver connected to one of the microphone input of any Heil AD-1 headphone adapters.

    Discontinued Products

    Traveler Single

    Traveler Single

    The Heil Traveler is a unique, high-performance single-sided headset that's ideal for portable and emergency operation.

    Traveler Dual

    Traveler Dual

    Answering the call for a dual-earphone, versatile Boomset for portable use, Heil Sound is pleased to present the Traveler Dual Side, a unique, high-performance headset that's compatible with over 100 different radios.



    This microphone is a show stopper with its chrome finish and Heil dynamic technology.